Inflammation comes up all the time in beauty. It’s what triggers or contributes to many skin conditions, like acne and rosacea. It’s a major contributor to signs of premature aging, like fine lines, dark spots, and volume loss. It can make skin appear stressed, dull, and tired. Because it contributes to just about every single beauty woe out there, so many internal and topical beauty products are focused on getting inflammation under control. A valiant goal, to be sure. 

But here’s the thing about tending to inflammation and its effects—not all ways to do so are created equally, nor do they do it in the same way. For example, antioxidants. These free-radical neutralizers are experts at keeping inflammation at bay and our skin healthy—yet they each have unique strengths that can lend themselves to different needs. Vitamin C is an expert at building collagen. Astaxanthin helps deal with UV damage. Vitamin A aids in skin cell turnover. 

Then there’s sulforaphane glucosinolate (SGS, or commonly referred to simply as sulforaphane), which is a mouthy antioxidant that literally stops inflammation in its tracks.