Airy Libra has no problem putting themselves out there, making new connections, and taking a chance on love. As such, the twins say love could show up in unexpected places. Maybe you explore long-distance dating (hello, Tinder Passport!), or if you’re already coupled up, the two of you take a trip somewhere special.

And with fertility also in the stars, the twins say there is a fair chance of pregnancy! “Or,” they note, “you could spend more quality time with the kids you already have.”

It’s not all going to be easy, however, with Jupiter sharing its path though Aquarius with restricted Saturn all year. “Even if you want to be swept off your feet, you’ll feel like you’re wearing heavy-soled combat boots instead of lightweight glass slippers,” the twins say.

But don’t fret, as these struggles are a welcome challenge for Libra’s to strengthen their relationship. “If it’s worth having in your life, it’s worth fighting for…or at least, putting in the necessary hard work that goes along with relationships,” the twins add.