If the thought of wearing button-down shirts in the sizzling summer heat makes you cringe, then keep reading—because we’re about to change that mindset.

When picking out a summer button-down, focus on the fabric. In muggy weather, you want to avoid attire that’s made with 100 percent cotton. It absorbs and locks in moisture, causing your body temperature to rise, and will likely result in a pool of sweat underneath your arms—and everywhere else. That’s not such a great look for the office or the barbecue with friends. Instead, go with natural fibers like linen, light cotton, and chambray—they’re lightweight and let your body breathe. Also consider quick-drying and moisture-wicking fabrics that can vent any sweat that still manages to sneak out. Finally, lighter colors are also a good call, since they reflect light and heat.

Still scratching your head about what to buy? No worries: We’ve compiled the best button-down shirts in the business—which include all of these specs—so you can beat the heat with style. Whether you like bold patterns or solid colors, short or long sleeves, here are the best options (from quality brands like J. Crew, Rhone, and more) for every budget.

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