Finally, you don’t have to see a dreamwork professional to interpret your dreams. You totally can, of course, as these experts are specifically trained to help you make sense of that emotional realm. But Ellis says you can also interpret your dreams with a friend or group of people. “You don’t have to be a therapist or have special training necessarily.” 

Although, she says you do need at least one other person to help you work through your dreams. “We tend to dream about things that we repress that we don’t necessarily want to see about ourselves,” she explains. In other words, you can be a bit biased to your own dreams, which makes it difficult to work with them honestly. Even Ellis, a dream expert herself, shares that she’s “not that great at working with [her] own.” 

So grab a friend or partner to share your dreams with, as they can help you understand them in an unbiased way. Or you can join a dream group, Ellis notes, where a bunch of people band together (virtually, of course) to help translate each other’s dreams. “What happens over time, is that you get to know each other’s dream lives and the themes repeat,” she adds. At the very least, it’s a fun, interesting exercise.