Do you believe in magic? The dreamy vibes of Pisces season 2021 can make the most hardened cynic want to immediately enroll in a semester at Hogwarts Academy.

Ruled by hazy Neptune, Pisces is a master of illusions, so take nothing at face value during this four-week spell! Although the reality shifts can be mind-bending, this is an opportune window for exploring what lies beyond your five senses. Give credence to your intuition, spiritual experiences, and serendipities that are so striking they seem to arrive as a message from another dimension.

Since you probably can’t prove these things on paper, don’t waste time arguing with the self-proclaimed “data person” in your family. But if something feels resoundingly true to you, it’s worth considering. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to resonate with a book that the author channeled from a thousand-year-old deity or to consult your oracle deck before making a major life move.

That said, it’s a good idea to fact-check any assumptions, especially if money or health is involved! It’s one thing to be skeptical (someone who considers all possibilities with one eyebrow raised) and quite another to be gullible—the twin pitfall of Pisces season.