If you’re doing all of the above and still dealing with dry eyes, don’t reach for the artificial tears. “They can provide temporary relief, but many people find they do not resolve the actual underlying dry eye problems,” says Silani. Instead, try an actual lid and lash cleanser. “The bottom line is that a clean eye is a healthy eye, so use something that is designed to clean and disinfect to ensure proper eyelid hygiene.” 

One option is Avenova, a solution made with .01% hypochlorous acid, which is produced naturally in the body, and clinically proven to kill bacteria and relieve a number of chronic eye conditions, including dry eye. “Avenova restores the natural homestasis of the eyes by reducing the bacterial load without altering the diversity of bacterial species on the skin,” says Silani. Incorporating a simple spray-and-swipe solution like this, morning and night, may offer some much-needed relief.