A Genius (And Easy) Storage Trick That Will Keep Your Veggies Fresh

A Genius (And Easy) Storage Trick That Will Keep Your Veggies Fresh

And lastly, this one is for all the avid meal-preppers out there who love streamlining their cooking process. If you know you’re going to eat potatoes tomorrow, and want to get ahead of the game, you can store peeled potatoes in water for up to 24 hours (without them getting brown). Take some time to peel and cut them the day before, toss your prepped potatoes in a container with a lid, and completely submerge them in water. When you’re ready to use them the next day, drain them, give them a quick rinse, and prepare as desired.

Kitchen waste is a bummer—but with this helpful hack, you can minimize it! Not only is it functional, but there’s also something aesthetically pleasing about your celery and asparagus on display in the fridge. Plus, it gives you something to do with all those empty jars cluttering your cupboards.


Is This One PMS Symptom Making All Your Side Effects Worse? An OB/GYN Explains

Is This One PMS Symptom Making All Your Side Effects Worse? An OB/GYN Explains

During the phase that follows ovulation and precedes the period (called the luteal phase), many women have reported having sleep troubles, from insomnia, to frequently waking, to nightmares. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “this is especially common in women who have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a more severe type of premenstrual syndrome.” 

While sleep quality may improve at the onset of the period, that’s when other more common period symptoms may strike, such as bloat, weight gain, and brain fog—all of which might just be exacerbated by that lack of sleep, Cabeca explains. 

Think about it: poor sleep interferes with gut health, which could lead to the ever-dreaded gas, bloating, and diarrhea that all too often coincides with your period. And if your period makes you feel foggy or forgetful, it could be the hormones, but it might also be in part to missing out on sleep. 


4 Reasons You May Feel Resentment Toward Someone & How To Deal With It

4 Reasons You May Feel Resentment Toward Someone & How To Deal With It

While “anger is more of a reaction in real time to something that feels unpleasant or unfair,” Abrams says, “resentment is less of a reaction.” Instead, it’s the build-up of multiple offenses or unresolved conflicts. 

For example: You ask your partner to start picking up around the house, and they tell you they’re too busy, but will get to it later. Later comes and goes, and the pattern repeats itself—ultimately, they resent you for being a nag, and you resent them for making you act like one. “After years of an unbalanced division of labor, you are likely to feel very frustrated, unappreciated, and even hopeless about the possibility of change,” clinical psychologist Lina Perl, Psy.D., once told us. 


This Egyptian-Inspired Dish Is Packed With Vibrant, Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

This Egyptian-Inspired Dish Is Packed With Vibrant, Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

It’s high time we stopped keeping salad in the confines of a leafy base, and with this beet-based salad you’ll be a sure convert. Really less of a salad and more a dish you could serve as a vegetarian main for dinner or as a satisfying lunch, this recipe from Eat, Habibi, Eat! Fresh Recipes for Modern Egyptian Cooking by Shahir Massoud starts with some nutrient-rich root vegetables: beets, both red and yellow.

Beets, in particular red beets, are “an incredible source of nitrate-containing nutrients,” cardiologist and New York Times bestselling author Alejandro Junger, M.D. previously told mindbodygreen. They’re also full of phytonutrients called anthocyanins and betalains. Altogether this makes adding beets to your table a good choice for your heart, brain, and digestive health.

The other key component in this dish is halloumi. “Halloumi is a versatile semi-hard white cheese that has been prominent in Middle Eastern and Greek cooking for generations, and with good reason,” writes Massoud in the introduction to the recipe, “it can be seared, grilled, or even broiled. It gives a dish that salty punch that is sometimes needed to elevate the other players in a salad.” The cheese is also a good source of protein (7 grams per ounce serving) and calcium (about 25% of the recommended daily value per ounce serving).

And in this case, the beets are good for more than just your health—they make this dish look like an absolute showstopper too. “As for the beets, always roast them (never boil!),” he writes, “and glaze them in a little bit of reduced orange juice for flavor and shine, together with a little residual red juice to drizzle on the plate for a beautiful finish.”


Trust in Community: How Two AR Members Boosted their Running Motivation with Accountability Groups

Trust in Community: How Two AR Members Boosted their Running Motivation with Accountability Groups

Your running shoes have been staring at you for days. You just can’t bring yourself to lace them up and head out for a run. Why are some people able to make running a regular part of their routine while others struggle with it? There are a million factors that affect your motivation level, but there are also some strategies to make it easier to stay committed to your goals. adidas Runners (AR) accountability groups have been established around the world for exactly this purpose.

Nabila Sam, AR Kuala Lumpur Captain and mentor, and Alia, one of her mentees, shared their experiences in the regional accountability group during a 4-week training plan with one common goal: for every member to run their best 30 minutes in an AR adidas Running challenge.

What are Accountability Groups?

adidas Runners accountability groups are designed to bring together local running communities and create a sense of belonging by pursuing a common goal while supporting participants on their journey to build healthy habits. By training together, members hold each other accountable for the commitments they’ve made to their health and fitness.

Accountability groups have a mentor who acts as both a coach – encouraging runners to push themselves – and a buddy or cheerleader – offering emotional support when group members, or mentees, face challenges and setbacks.

4 Weeks of Commitment to One Goal

Read Nabila and Alia’s diary entries on the ups and downs of their 4-week training program:

Week 1: Nerves and New Experiences


I was a bit nervous at the start of the week because this is my first time leading a training plan virtually. I noticed an influx of new followers which boosted my motivation to lead the group to do their best 30-minute run. Let’s do this! Trust your motivation!

It was frustrating to not be able to gauge whether people were fully onboarded with the plan, but I powered through it. Doing things virtually has always been a weakness of mine. I was surprised to see that I actually enjoyed the whole process knowing that it benefited the community.


Ran 4.9km during the time trial and was very satisfied with the distance since I haven’t done a time trial for quite some time. Not going to lie, it was hard running alone, but before the time trial, Nabila was an amazing coach, providing guidance for me. This really helped me to stay motivated and focused. 

Accountability is the key to success in any area, especially in running. Having an accountable mentor has definitely helped me to boost my confidence to achieve my goal. 

Week 2: Lessons and Accomplishments


The group ran their one-mile challenge and did great! 

We incorporated speed, strength, and mobility workouts this week and they are progressing well so far. Looking at their amazing results and motivation made me more motivated to continue leading this group.

I was unable to post some lean/ mobility workouts as guidance for my accountability group. I had to direct those who asked about it to some lean mobility workout videos that I found online. I felt like I let the team down. They were very understanding, which made me realize the importance of the elements of respect and understanding within a community. This experience has helped me be a better mentor.


I successfully ran 7:35 mins in the 1-mile time trial. I strongly believe that the speedwork session and strength training in the training plan definitely helped me build my confidence to run. It feels great when I complete each day’s plan and this proves that with hard work I can reach my goal. 

Week 3: Frustration and Anticipation


Conducted my first live session ever on the AR Global page for the Trust your Recovery session co-hosted by Coach Youska. What an achievement!

Current challenge? It’s the start of our fasting month for us Muslims. Fasting until race day is tough. However, we took it in stride and adapted our routines around it by adjusting our training time and the intensity of the workouts. We learned a valuable lesson through this journey: when in a difficult situation, with motivation and the willingness to learn and strive, we are able to adapt to achieve our ultimate goal!


Week 3 was a little bit rough for me – especially the speedwork session. I was motivated at the beginning of the week to push myself to the limit and see the progress that I have made these past weeks.  

I struggled to complete the speedwork session because I was running too fast at the beginning, which caused me a little discomfort in my leg. I followed the guides from Coach Youska and Nabila regarding recovery and my leg felt much better. 

I learned not to start too fast during speedwork or else I might suffer later. 

Week 4: Accountability and Success


We’ve finally reached judgment week. Everyone was ready to run their best 30-minute run! Last-minute tips were shared on nutrition, rest, and recovery as well as racing strategies. 

So we ran. We ran our best 30minutes run. And we soared to the finishing line! 

Results poured in. Everyone was satisfied with what they’ve achieved. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the weekend, looking at all the amazing achievements, knowing that I played a part (however small it may be) in making that happen. I’m one happy, content, and proud captain. 


I managed to run 5.4km in 30 minutes which was beyond my expectation.

Through the 4 weeks of training, I saw what I can accomplish when I combine hard work and desire with the right training program. As my mentor, Nabila held me accountable and gently pushed me when I needed it. This inspired me to stay on track and focus on a goal that I am so proud to have achieved. 

Top 3 Benefits of Accountability Groups

Studies show that working out in groups (in person or virtual) has benefits that extend far beyond just your physical health. Regular group exercise stimulates your mind, increases your enjoyment, provides support when you are struggling, and builds a sense of community and belonging. (1

1. Guidance from a Mentor

Many people run into roadblocks before they even get out the door. How should they get started? Where, when, how far should they run? Research indicates that fitness groups led by mentors see greater improvement and retention rates. (2)

2. Community Support

Running alone has its benefits for some, but enjoying the support of a strong, encouraging running community is what keeps many runners focused and committed. Mentee Alia told us how running was a lonely sport for her until she joined AR Kuala Lumpur in 2018. With the support of the group, she now feels inspired to chase her running goals and knows that they always have her back. 

Did you know?

A 2017 study published in the natural science journal Nature Communications showed that exercise is socially contagious. Whether your running community is virtual or not, belonging to a group in which people share their achievements and inspire each other has a direct impact on physical activity levels.

Accountability group mentors create a sense of belonging. Nabila takes the time to get to know her mentees. “I want to really understand their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.” Knowing this, she can facilitate discussions among the members to create a safe environment where they feel comfortable sharing their goals and fears.  

3. Butterfly Effect: Running Motivation 

How does an accountability group keep you motivated? Each mentor has a different strategy. Nabila believes in the power of positivity and the butterfly effect. By instilling her mentees with positive energy, their motivation will increase, and they will hopefully spread it to others. 

AR Captain Nabila

Like many of us, Alia is back to running alone during the pandemic but stays motivated through the virtual running community. She connects with friends around the world in the adidas Running app. Group members also shoulder some responsibility for keeping up the running motivation for the group. Alia’s approach – especially in the virtual community – is encouraging others to join an adidas Running challenge or to create their own. 

Mentors need to keep themselves motivated, too, in order to pass that energy to the group. How does Nabila do it? She is driven by goals; achieving those goals fires her up so she can then share that enthusiasm with her accountability group.


If you’re ready to stop staring at those running shoes and start putting them to good use, join a local adidas Runners community or the global AR community today! The global adidas Runners community offers incredible benefits to all runners of all levels, no matter where you are. Boost your running motivation with weekly virtual runs and sign up for our adidas Running challenge in the app. You’ll find an amazing running community of like-minded people who struggle with the same challenges, inspire each other, and share the joy of achieving goals. Get helpful tips to develop healthy habits as well as guidance to keep you focused. 


adidas Running • Which Running Watches and Apps Work?

adidas Running • Which Running Watches and Apps Work?

Did you know that the adidas Running app and supports integration with various smartwatches, running watches, and can be synced to selected partner apps and training devices?

Good to know:

Your data is only ever shared across different apps when you have linked your account and allowed sharing.

Read our blog post to find out which partners you can connect with adidas Running:

How to connect the adidas Running app with a partner

Open the adidas Running app. Go to the “Profile” tab, tap “Settings” (the gear icon in the top right corner), and select “Partner Accounts”. Choose your partner and follow the instructions. If you haven’t done so already, you need to download the partner app and create a profile.

adidas Running partner accounts


Apple Watch

You own an Apple Watch? Then we have good news for you: if you have the adidas Running app installed, you can leave your phone at home and track an activity with just your watch. Or, use your Apple Watch with your phone as a second screen.


You can use the adidas Running app on a Series 1 Apple Watch (and newer). You’ll need at least iOS 13 (or higher) on your phone and watchOS 6 (or higher) on your watch in order to install the app on your Apple Watch.

Did you know? Apple Watch works with the adidas Training app, too.


Coros watch

Train at your best with COROS and adidas Running: The GPS sports watch brand COROS combines high-grade hardware with innovative technology to provide endurance athletes with the gear they rely on in the world’s most extreme environments.


Instead of bringing your phone with you on your next run, you can simply use your Garmin watch! Your workouts will be available in the adidas Running app for further analysis.

Polar Watch

Polar watches help athletes at all levels discover their true potential – from improving health and wellbeing to optimizing athletic performance. Connect your Polar watch to adidas Running and boost your training with motivational challenges and a global community of fellow runners.

Leave your phone at home:

You can easily sync activities tracked with your Polar GPS watch directly to the adidas Running app.


Suunto is at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers, and instruments used by adventurers all over the globe. If you have a Suunto smartwatch, you can connect it with the adidas Running app. Go for a run without your phone, sync your activities, and analyze your training results.

Good to know: 

adidas Running is compatible with Suunto 3, Suunto 5, Suunto 7, Suunto 9, Suunto Spartan, or Suunto Ambit.

Wear Os By Google

Wear OS is an operating system designed for wearable tech such as smartwatches. To install the adidas Running app on your smartwatch, just go to the Google Play Store on your watch and search for the adidas Running app. You can find it in the “Health & Fitness” category. If the app is already installed on your device, please make sure it is updated to the latest version. For more information, visit our help center article for adidas Running and Wear OS by Google.

Apps & Platforms

Apple Health (iPhone)

When you complete an activity or a workout with the adidas Running app or the adidas Training app, Apple Health will be able to display useful information like walking and running distance or calories burned. These stats then form part of your daily activity statistics in Apple Health.

Follow these simple steps to activate the synchronization with Apple Health: go to the “Profile” tab in your adidas Running app, tap “Settings” (the gear icon in the top right corner), select “Partner Accounts”, and then “Enable Apple Health”. In the adidas Training app you’ll find synchronization under the “More” tab in “Settings”.

Google Fit (Android)

When you complete an activity with the adidas Running app and you are connected with Google Fit, Google Fit will also receive the activity data and then display information such as start time, duration, distance covered and calories burned. This information then forms part of your daily activity stats in Google Fit.


Abs are made in the kitchen: Track your daily calorie amount, break down meal ingredients, and learn more about nutrition with MyFitnessPal – the perfect addition to your training with adidas Running.

RunMotion Coach

The RunMotion Coach is focused on coaching runners to help them achieve their running goals. Are you a beginner? The RunMotion Coach training plans take your experience, your goals, your availability, and your feedback into consideration. This could include beginner sessions that alternate between walking and running to gradually increase your fitness level.


TrainAsONE, the award-winning AI-powered running app and coach, constantly adjusts your training plan according to your needs, your lifestyle, and your goals. Maximize your workouts by connecting TrainAsONE with adidas Running to ensure that your personalized plan is always up-to-date with your latest activity data.


Sync your adidas Running app with your full Xhale training diary: Xhale helps you schedule, compare, analyze, and reflect on your running, biking or swimming activities, build a training plan, and track your progress. Work out by yourself or share your training with a professional coach.

Training & Performance Devices


Whether on a stationary bike or a treadmill – Zwift and the adidas Running app will take you into virtual worlds! Join virtual group events, races, or challenges for an additional dose of motivation.


Exercise with Kinomap and adidas Running! Run, ride, or row around the world virtually with thousands of videos and different levels. Challenge your community to a race and push your training to the next level!

Virtual Challenges

The Conqueror

Track your adidas Running distances and participate in The Conqueror’s virtual challenges to earn awesome real finishers medals, unlock virtual postcards, plant real trees and virtually immerse yourself in the most famous locations on earth while you work towards your fitness goal.

Connect adidas Running to your partner accounts, and start your fitness journey today!