Nearly everything from work to therapy to fitness classes shifted online this past year. And of course, dating did, too. According to Ury, “64% of Hinge users have been on a video date, and the majority of them plan to incorporate video into their dating process in the future, even when it’s safe to meet up in person.”

Not only does virtual dating provide a safe setting to meet new people during the pandemic, but it also broadens the dating pool. Why limit yourself to the confines of your own city when there are plenty of single people around the world you may hit it off with?  

Rest assured, starting a relationship long-distance might not be as unsustainable as it once seemed. Since the pandemic hit, “daters on OkCupid have become more open to dating across borders, whether that’s people in other boroughs, cities, states, or even countries,” Kaye says. “There’s also been 1.4 million mentions of ‘long-distance relationship’ on OkCupid profiles over the past few years.”