Follicular: This cycle phase generally brings rising energy levels, so Larson says to “try something new and creative, like cardio dance or animal flow.” 

Ovulation: You may be feeling a bit more social during this phase. If you’re trying to get pregnant, this is a good time to make sex your movement of choice. Otherwise, Larson recommends working out with friends. Whether it’s in a masked-up class, outside, or via Zoom. 

Luteal: Since your hormones are seriously fluctuating during this phase (testosterone and estrogen levels drop while progesterone levels rise), it’s common to experience some mood changes here. “Use the first few days to go hard and then ease into your period,” she says. 

Menstrual: Look, everyone experiences their period (and their whole cycle, for that matter) differently. “Anything goes this week,” Larson says. If that means a long, slow workout, then so be it. If it means a five-minute HIIT, that’s great, too. “Leave plans behind, and do what feels good.”