If you find yourself experiencing a midday—or midafternoon—slump, it may be time to consider changing up your lunch routine for something a bit more warming and nutritious like a great soup. Especially as the weather starts to turn colder, a bit of comfort at lunchtime is perfect for beating any rut.

Making a great soup starts with picking great ingredients. Luckily, this time of year the farmers markets are chock-full of vegetables that make great soups. Root vegetables, in particular, can be the perfect foundation for making the sort of filling, comforting, warming soups you might be craving this time of year.

We love making a batch of soup at the start of the week for a quick and nutritious route to lunch even when we’re short on time. Not only that, but if you ask us, soup gets better and better over the course of the week as the flavors and ingredients continue to come together. This list of recipes focuses on the comforting flavors of winter, with something for every diet and every taste preference.